Integrated Manufacturing Solutions


Connector Solutions

DriveLink Solutions specializes in providing high-quality and efficient automotive Fakra & HSD connectors for vehicle information systems, 5G communications, and smart home appliances.
Automotive high-speed RF connector and wiring harness assembly series
• HSN(Ethernet)


Precision Parts

DriveLink Solutions offers precision parts manufacturing services, including die castings, stamping parts, and injection molded parts, tailored to meet the specific requirements of different industries.
Precision parts product series
• Die casting (zinc/aluminum alloy)
•  injection molding parts
•  Stamping
• Over-Molding parts
• Optical module structural components


Intelligent Electronics

DriveLink Solutions provides intelligent control knobs for home appliances and electronic components such as encoders, potentiometers, and switches for automotive and communication applications.


Industrial Automation

DriveLink Solutions implements MES smart manufacturing to ensure quality traceability and process management throughout the manufacturing process, offering efficient and customized automation solutions.

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